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two kickboxers fighting at a jackhammer promotions event.

Professional Combative Sports License

Is there an age requirement to become a Licensed Combative Sport Professional?

Yes. A licensed Combative Sport Professional must be 18 years or older.


What is the fee and term for a Combative Sport Professional License?

The application fee for a Professional Boxer License is $10.00. The application fee for a Professional Mixed Martial Artist License is $50.00.

A Mixed Martial Artist license is valid for one year from the license effective date. A Boxer license is valid until the September 30th following the date the license is granted.


When do I apply for an original license?

You can apply for an original license at any time. However, if you plan to participate in a scheduled event, you are encouraged to submit your license application and required documentation two weeks prior to that event to allow for adequate processing time.


When do I renew my license?

You can renew your license three months prior to and three years beyond the license expiration date. If you fail to renew within the three-year deadline, you must submit an original license application with the required documentation.


Why do I need to provide my email address?

You will receive your license and any correspondence related to your license or application by email. If your email address changes, submit an amendment application to this office providing your new email address.


What medical test results are required to be licensed?

The following medical test results with test dates are required:

• Physician signed health history and physical exam record - Dated within 1 year

• Brain MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) – Dated within 3 years • 12 Lead EKG - Dated within 1 year

• Dilated eye exam by licensed ophthalmologist - Dated within 1 year

• Hepatitis B Surface Antigen - Dated within 1 year

• Hepatitis C Antibody - Dated within 1 year

• HIV - Dated within 1 year • CBC with Platelet Count – Most recent

• Pregnancy test for females - Dated within 30 days of each event


What documentation proves my readiness to fight professionally? • Copy of your amateur book (required if you are making your professional boxing debut)

• Letter from your trainer detailing your current training regimen and amateur background (required if you are making your professional debut)

• Letter from another state athletic commission

• Letter from amateur sanctioning organization verifying your readiness to fight professionally

• Articles or documents pertaining to your career in the sport

• Copy of Fight Fax or BoxRec (Boxing)

• Copy of Fight Record (MMA)

• Copy of Boxer Federal ID or MMA National ID Card

• Video footage of you competing in the sport


What documents are required with my application?

• Copy of an unexpired government-issued photo ID – NOT REQUIRED FOR RENEWALClassic Title

• Documentation proving your readiness to fight professionally (Copy of Amateur Book, Fight Fax, BoxRec,, Fight Record, a letter from trainer, video footage, letter from amateur sanctioning organization, etc.) – NOT REQUIRED FOR RENEWAL

• Physician signed health history and physical exam record

• The medical test results listed above with test dates

• Documentation supporting your “YES” response(s) to the questions in the “Background Information” section of this application

• $10.00 application fee for a Professional Boxer License

• $50.00 application fee for a Professional Mixed Martial Artist License


What forms of Payment do you Accept?

You may pay by check or money order made payable to the Department of State. Do not send cash. Application fees are nonrefundable. A $20 fee will be charged for any check returned by your bank.


How do I submit my application and supporting documentation to the State Athletic Commission?


Mail to:


New York State, Department of State

State Athletic Commission

P.O. Box 22090

Albany, NY 12201-2001


Child Support Statement section of the application

The Child Support Statement is mandatory in New York State (General Obligations Law) regardless of whether or not you have children or any support obligation.


Any person who is four months or more in arrears in child support may be subject to having his or her business, professional, and driver’s licenses suspended.

The intentional submission of a false written statement for the purpose of frustration or defeating the lawful enforcement of support obligations is punishable under §175.35 of the Penal Law. It is a Class E felony to offer a false instrument for filing with a state or local government with the intent to defraud.

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