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Live Stream

Live Fight Stream

  • The Beat Down 11

    +$1 JHP
    JHP Live Stream March 10, 2024
    Valid for 3 months
    • Full Fight Card Included in the Purchase of this fight card.
    • Fight Card is subject to change.

What is included in my purchase? 

- A Jackhammer Promotions Live Fight Stream:

- The full length of the event. Every fight is included in your purchase of the live stream. Your purchase for the live event only allows you to watch the live event you purchased for up to three (3) weeks after the event takes place. 

- All Live stream purchases are final. No refunds. This is not a subscription, it will not renew. 

- We do not sell tickets to the events on this website. 

- We only sell Pay-Per-View streams to each Jackhammer Promotions event. 

- JHP Fight Library:

- The JHP Fight Library is a subscription to all of our previous events that renews every month. 

- Each subscription can be canceled at any time. 

- This plan includes every event we have streamed live, plus interviews and various videos. This plan does not include the last event which took place. The last event will be added once the next event takes place. 

If you have any further questions, please email us at

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